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Ever since the tender age of 14, singer/songwriter Matt Adler has had a knack for writing songs with catchy melodies, lush instrumental arrangements and memorable harmonies. With influences ranging from brit pop and indie/acoustic artists to classical and eastern sounds, his music always remains interesting and energetic while staying firmly rooted in the indie/folk/pop genre.

Matt is a renowned guitar player in the city of San Antonio. His intricate instrumental lines coupled with his versatile voice (which can be soft and delicate as a whisper to powerful and commanding), his live experience is truly special.


In 140 characters or less, describe your sound:

Christian indie pop/rock with interesting sounds, haunting progressions, and (hopefully) catchy melodies.

You started writing songs at 14, did you have any musical background previous to that?

Though my parents were not particularly adept musicians, they surrounded me with music from a young age. I attribute my love of music to that. I was an avid listener and started learning guitar at age 8. I would say that my life did not become CONSUMED by music until I hit high school at age 13. I was the nerdy kid with the guitar on his back and a “Frank Gambale Jazz Guitar Improv Theory vol. 2”  book under my arm. But I never used music to escape reality. Rather, I write songs to describe, cope with, or compliment my reality. It’s very therapeutic for me. 

You’re influences are all across the board – from brit‐pop to indie to classical music – did you grow up listening to various genres?

Absolutely, and I still do! Growing up, oldies were my jam (I’m still a HUGE Beatles fan. The Zombies are also in my upper echelon of artists), then I moved into classic rock, progressive rock, progressive metal/neoclassical shred guitar… I mean, everyone knows that as a teenager, the best guitarists are the ones that are the fastest right?!! I started singing and writing songs at 14 years old and started settling more towards both poppy and indie music (which normally don’t really go together). I love music that is complex from a theory perspective, but is still very listenable and memorable. I love haunting and unorthodox chord progressions. I love melodies that make me FEEL the emotion of the lyrics being sung. I love rhythmic breaks and strange hits. But I also love catchy hooks.

Have your influences changed over the years when it comes to writing music? What has been your biggest musical accomplishment to date?

I definitely go through phases where I either discover a new genre/artist or perhaps rediscover them. For example, a few years ago I got really into 60s psychedelia for 4-6 months. This type of thing happens often, but I always have my go-tos that are timeless and will always be my greatest influences (Muse, Coldplay, The Beatles, Gungor, Delirious, Johann Sebastian Bach).

In the next 3 years, what do you hope to accomplish musically?

I am hoping to take my career as an artist to the next level. Currently my life is split between promoting myself as a singer/songwriter/artist and as a record producer. I have been a full time musician for a year and a half, and it’s been one of the greatest blessings of my life. However, my heart has always gravitated towards the artist side of things. I’m hoping to tour more, secure management, network, meet more people, and just cultivate myself as an artist. I don’t really care whether I am signed to a label though. More than ever, I feel like an independent artist can thrive without a label in this musical marketplace.



Have you encountered any crazy fan moments yet?

I am not a big deal at all, I just want to make sure we are clear. It is always such a cool thing when people recognize me when I’m out and about. It hasn’t gotten old yet! In terms of CRAZY fan moments, thank God there aren’t too many. I did have a creepy dude follow me up on stage when I was about to start a show once. He asked me for a ride home. I didn’t even know how to handle it, so I simply and firmly stated “NO! GET OFF THE STAGE!” What the heck?

When can fans expect a tour from Matt Adler?
During the first half of 2014 I’m hoping to get to TX, LA, GA, and TN in support of my latest record (The Sound EP) as well as a free EP called “Stages” that will be recorded and released in Q1. The tricky part here is that I’m the worship leader at a church here in San Antonio called The Park Community Church. I’m hoping to do the “out-and-back” thing where I leave Sunday afternoons and always make it back for service the next week. We’ll see how that works out!

You recently spotted your doppelanger, how was that, creepy at all?

The first time I met my doppelganger, Lucas, it was hysterical. Me and a group of about a dozen friends were out watching a San Antonio Spurs playoff game. Lucas walked in with a friend and one-by-one, my friends started looking at the entrance of the club. Their jaws would drop instantly. Then I finally turned to see what the hubbub was about and my mind was blown. Lucas saw us all looking at each other and said “WHY IS EVERYONE LOOKING AT ME?!” Then his gaze met mine and he said without skipping a beat, “Is it cause I look like that guy???!” He’s a super cool dude and I’ve seen him a few times since. Every so often a friend of mine will see him in public, take a selfie with him, and text it to me!

You met Switchfoot earlier this month, have they been a band you look up to? What is your favourite Switchfoot song?

I do love Switchfoot! Everyone in the band is amazing at what they do, and they have amazing hearts. I also very much look up to Jon Foreman as a songwriter. I am in love with his acoustic records (his Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter EPs). As far as my favorite song, I would have to say “Stars”. But I may change my mind in 10 minutes.

What is your favourite song that you have written?

This is a toughy. I can say that I have a few songs that seem like they were meant to exist. The songs I’ve written in 10 or 20 minutes are the ones that I tend to favor. “Out of Reach”, the lead single from my Rearranged LP is one. “Love Will Find Me” is another, and seems to be my most popular song at the moment. I definitely also love “I Do” from my latest record. It’s chord progression goes in and out of key every few changes and yet I don’t feel like it’s very noticeable. As a music nerd, I’m proud of that one. I will say that the best answer I can likely provide is my LATEST song is always my favorite!

You had your CD Release party this past summer, tell us about that?

I did! It was a night to remember. I put out my first solo record in October of 2011. It was held in a large venue (capacity near 1,000) in San Antonio and there were maybe 135 people there. Between then and my latest album release, I went through an extended period where I didn’t really promote my artist stuff as much as I was focusing on getting my production business up and running. When I realized it had been a long time since I released any new music, I set out to release a new album. I was concerned that I might have lost all interest as an artist. For my August 25, 2013 release of The Sound EP, I was hoping for at least 150 and praying to hit the 200 threshold. We wound up getting 260 or so folks and a packed house. It was such a blessing. And a super fun night!

What has been your biggest challenge in your music career thus far?

Finding enough hours in the day. Since I don’t have a regular paycheck, I’m constantly working for the next project. I often find myself without time to book myself, promote my music, manage my social networks, network and meet new people in PERSON, and all the day to day stuff that needs to get done. It can be difficult to prioritize. And then sometimes when I do have a free day, I may not FEEL like doing the things that I need to in favor of maintaining a social life!

Where can fans find more about you?

My web site is the central hub –

My Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles are “mattadlermusic” –


Twitter: @mattadlermusic

Instagram: @mattadlermusic 

Any last words for your fans?

I love you all. Thank you so much for allowing me a small part in your lives. I appreciate you more than you know.


5 Peel Back Questions:

Summer or Winter?

Winter. I live in San Antonio, TX, so this season accounts for perhaps 9 total days a year.

Blue ink pens or black?


Drink of choice?

Chocolate milk. From an alcoholic beverage perspective… Cocktail: Rumble, Beer: Shiner Cheer (it tastes like Christmas), Wine: none (tastes like gasoline).

Fave article of clothing?

My denim, fitted button up shirt from Express. Don’t even know why. OR my Urban Outfitters P coat… it’s like the one nice jacket I’ve ever bought. I HATE overspending on clothes!

The one thing you will always find in my pocket is ….. 

My pockets are the most organized part of my life. Front left: car keys, Front right: anything I get during the course of the day that will be removed and filed away in the evening, Front right LITTLE pocket: guitar picks (I’ve dubbed this my “pickpocket”), Back left: cell phone, when not in use, Back right: wallet. 
If anything doesn’t wind up in the appropriate pocket, a meltdown is bound to ensue.

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