In Review: Matt Adler

As you read in a previous post, we introduced you to and interviewed independent Christian pop-rocker, Matt Adler.

Now, we’re going to update you on the amazing things Matt has been up to.

Finding a great Christian rocker is often times a hit or a miss. As it is with all music, finding a good balance between religious beliefs and mainstream music can be quite a challenge. However, Matt Adler has perfected the formula and is releasing a brand new EP this month!


Even better news, VB is the FIRST to hear Matt’s new single, THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY, from Stages. The One That Got Away is a mid-tempo, melodic song. Despite having a slower tempo, the percussion in the song makes you want to pay attention and bob your head. You don’t get bored!

Matt’s vocals, as usual, are on point. You can hear the sincerity in his voice – as if Matt was actually singing to the one that got away. As well, Matt can hit some pretty high notes. We’re impressed!

Despite having a slightly sad message (I mean, who wants to let the love of their life get away?), the song is optimistic. Maybe the one that got away will come back. Maybe there will be a new, better love. All in God’s plan, amiright?

Matt will be releasing his newest EP, Stages, on April 25th at Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio, Texas. Tickets are only 10 bucks if you buy them before the show and $15 at the door. Sweet deal for some sweet music. Plus, Matt will be playing the WHOLE EP live. Just for you! More details on the EP release and who else will be joining Matt that night here.

You can also follow Matt on Reverbnation, Twitter and Facebook. Can’t wait for you all to pick up THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY! And if you are heading to Matt’s EP release, we want ALL the deets!


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